affiliate member / costume/creative design

Judy Chamberlain

My reasons for joining The Pearls are many.  I fell in love with the majesty, kindness and huge capacity for love that the Friesian horse possesses.  I am the proud owner of Hunter who was a performing member for three years.  He is currently taking some time away from ‘show biz’ and enjoying a quiet life for a while but I would like for him to return to The Troupe in the not too distant future.
Even though I am not a rider for The Pearls, there are many other ways for me to contribute as an affiliate (non performing) member, which is when I became involved with the costume/creative design committee.  I have fun playing with fabrics and costume ideas and pretty much anything that sparkles.  I find it incredibly rewarding to see my creations bringing joy to so many.
We have a diverse group of talented riders whom I have enjoyed getting to know.  Some I can identify closely with as they have been in serious riding accidents as I have and have physically and emotionally faced their fears and overcome them.  The courage and determination it takes to get back in the saddle again and again (and some of us are not spring chickens anymore, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves!), is a constant reminder and demonstration of the strength of these ladies and an incredible source of inspiration.  We all have our own unique challenges and confront them with the knowledge that, we have all been there, done that…etc. and know that a shoulder to cry on, a big hug or a high five is close by.
I am in awe of these Pearl ladies and of course their 4-legged companions! And I am proud to be part of the Black Pearl Family.  Such an amazing group of men and women whom I enjoy watching performing the sometimes life changing interactions between people, horses and their riders.  I believe the greatest gift anyone can give another person is their time and full attention – a connection.
Changing lives one horse at a time.
It feels good to share!
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